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Harcourt Heritage | Harcourt Victoria

Harcourt Heritage is the central source of historical and genealogical knowledge for the Harcourt Valley.

Located in Victoria, Australia, the region evolved out of strong granite and apple industries. Apples are still grown and while the granite works have mostly moved on, evidence of the old operations are easy to find. The valley’s contributions to these fields elevated it to national significance.

Harcourt Heritage

The Heritage Mission

The mission of Harcourt Heritage is to research, collect, preserve, display and promote the history of the Harcourt Valley. We do this as a personal passion and for the benefit of the wider community. Bringing the past to life benefits our community today.

Our mission is achieved by way of:

  • the operation of Harcourt Museum
  • tours and talks, on the Third Sunday of the Month
  • providing resources for researchers and family historians
  • the publication and sale of local historical publications.

Beyond our mission, we also contribute to our community in other ways. We host the annual Applefest Art Show and we oversee the admin of That geographic domain serves as a reference for locals and a source of information for visitors. Wherever you are from, you should check it out!

Our Heritage Focus

Our research, collections and resources relate to many subjects of regional importance, including:

  • apple-growing
  • granite quarries
  • family history
  • district schools
  • military history
  • forestry
  • irrigation
  • a short-lived silk industry.

Geographically, our interests span the Harcourt Valley in Victoria’s Mount Alexander region. Townships and districts within our purview include:

  • Harcourt
  • Harcourt North
  • Barkers Creek
  • Woodbrook
  • Ravenswood
  • Porcupine Hill
  • Faraday.

Short History of the Organisation

Harcourt Heritage is the commonly used name for the Harcourt Valley Heritage and Tourist Centre Inc.—an incorporated non-profit association.
Formed in 1989, the governing committee is proud of their 27 years continual activity.

Harcourt Heritage is an approved Deductible Gift Recipient as deemed by the Australian Taxation Office.
We are a member society of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.


Phone: 0400 916 527
Street Address: ANA Hall, 7 High Street, Harcourt VIC 3453
Postal Address: PO Box 56, Harcourt, Vic 3453

Come in for tea and history.
We’re available to chat each Wednesday, from 9am to 4pm.

If you’d like to talk any other day, get in touch—we can probably arrange something.

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